Lone Star Rigging Rentals offers it’s own complete line of Spreader Bar End Cap rentals with sizes from our 4” 90 Ton bars up to our 16” 600 Ton bars. All of our lifting devices have a Professional Engineer’s stamp of approval and are manufactured to the highest standards of ASME and BTH guidelines. We use nothing but Crosby Wide Body G-2160 Shackles and our Slings are Made in the USA using Union Wire Rope.

– We don’t just make our product here but we use Made In the USA Products to do it. –

All slings are Proof Tested to 200%

Lone Star Rigging Rentals also has a long span of multiple support beam systems that can reach lengths up to 105’ with 40 lift points. Lone Star Rigging Rentals offers a full line of specialty lifting devices from Personal Manbaskets (Including a Cantilever Manbasket) to material baskets (Skip Pans), Confined Quarters test weights, and the more standard Water Bag Test weights.

  • Hoist Rentals from 5 Ton to 15 Ton
  • Rolling Blocks from 15 Ton to 85 Ton
  • Rigging drawings and lift planning is a everyday occurrence here and we are here to help you with all your planning needs.

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